It's getting impossible to keep with the volume of new music that is coming out. I mean you put a great track on your USB but then you go to play it and you forget entirely what it sounds like! The FSQ Selections mix series for ParadiseULTD are our own road maps to what we… Read More

fsq selections vol.12 [winter 2018]

We rely on making our monthly mixes for ParadiseULTD so that we can mark in time all the new jams coming out and later go back and revisit the sonic flavors from a specific moment in time. When we slip and don't get our FSQ mix in monthly, we find that we miss the chance… Read More


Volume 11 is probably one of our favourite mixes to date for Paradise ULTD. It’s super vibey because we’ve been playing these tunes for the past two months and getting it together on how they should fit just right. When I’m going through all the promo music we get in our FSQ inbox, we tend…

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This is our most expanded mix for PARADISE ULTD. to date clocking in over two and a half hours. It’s a mix that covers a wide array of genres, including deep house, nu disco, boogie funk, dub reggae, and hey, even some emo pop.

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This latest batch of selections for ParadiseULTD.com became really unwieldy. At over two hours long, so many tracks got shelved, and left off the mix before the set had to be wrapped up at that 120 minute mark. Why? There’s too much music out there! And musically it’s a funny time. Half of the selections…

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March was nuts and FSQ was caught up for 10 days at SXSW. When we got back in April we found our inbox stuffed with new promos from our favorite independent record labels and so we went extra long with a our 007 mix for Paradise Unlimited, running at one hour and 25 minutes! The…

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Thanks to the record labels that have been sending monthly promos for our FSQ monthly selections mix for Paradise ULTD. For instance, in our inbox this February we found quality new jams from Monologue Records and Hot Shot Sounds. They are either coming via InFlyte or Fatdrop. In fact, we went back to our Fatdrop…

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FSQ (Funk Style Quality) new music mix monthly for ParadiseULTD starts 2016 off right. First, we throw at you a bunch of new releases coming this year from our Soul Clap Records extended family: Check out a new collaboration recorded in Jamaica by local David Marston, and the Bay Area’s Nick Monaco. We also sneak…

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The idea of our FSQ Selections mix for Paradise ULTD is to have a living musical document of the most current new releases each month of each year so we can go back and remember what was new and fresh. No more looking through old playlists or digging through file timestamps to remember songs we…

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