March was nuts and FSQ was caught up for 10 days at SXSW. When we got back in April we found our inbox stuffed with new promos from our favorite independent record labels and so we went extra long with a our 007 mix for Paradise Unlimited, running at one hour and 25 minutes!
The diversity of music here in this latest FSQ mix is amazing too! We made selections spanning slow R&B jams, hyper G-House, deep house, disco, boogie funk, and even synth laden pop. That’s just how FSQ slices it – if it’s funky it’s in the mix – doesn’t matter the genre.
Belgium based Eskimo Recordings has to be one of the best labels around with previous releases from some of our favorite artists Freeform Five, NTEIBINT, Du Tonc, Aeroplane. Eskimo now has Satin Jackets’ latest full length album which is whatever one should play at their pool party or beach outing this summer. We liked it so much, we put two Satin Jackets album cuts in this mix.
Bastard Jazz Recordings has been a long time favorite label of ours – all the way back to 2002 or so when we discovered them via their chill out artist Mawglee. Almost 15 years on, Bastard Jazz seems to be getting stronger and stronger all the time. FSQ felt lucky and honored to be on the label’s Tempo Dreams compilation last year. This year they have a new Tempo Dreams compilation led by boogie monster and producer Pomo. In this mix, we included a track from that latest installment of the compilation, a jam called “Sidewalking” by someone named 10.4 Rog.
Also Bastard Jazz just put out a full length album by a mysterious Italo-disco producer named Jolly Mare. We never heard of him before, but again the album was so good we put two Jolly Mare cuts here in this mix. We hope the label keeps surprising us!
Crew Love Records is a new label that joins the Wolf + Lamb and Soul Clap families – aka Crew Love – via a new home at K7! Records. Here we have Navid Izadi’s rap jam from the label debut “Based on a True Story” and his rap kind of runs you through all of the artists in Crew Love and their associated antics. Beyond Crew Love you can find more stuff in here from the individual Crew labels including Wolf + Lamb, who offer a new set from No Regular Play, and a fresh slow burner from our Soul Clap Records label mate David Marston.
Much more new music to dig in here in the track listing below but three other ones to mention we have personal connections to:
Close to home: FSQ‘s One Era turned in another slice of Caribbean disco in a remix for D.C’s Thomas Blondet. We have the exclusive on it here.
Second: we should note DJ Mighty Mi who we grew up with in Philadelphia and was one part of the rap group High & Mighty. He’s consistently now marrying legendary rappers with hot G-house productions when he’s not leading the decks at Surrender at The Encore in Las Vegas. One of Mighty Mi’s hip hop led G-House jams, “Shake With Me” gets the nu-disco treatment in this mix as we serve up producer Mason’s version.
Meanwhile: our dear friend and P-Funk member and vocalist Kendra Foster broke out last year by writing and producing 8 of the tracks on D’Angelo’s comeback album, “Black Messiah” and she won 2 Grammys for that work. Kendra closes the FSQ 007 set here with her own new solo slow jam, “Promise to Stay Here”.
 1. Satin Jackets – Cala Banana (Eskimo Recordings)
2. Thomas Blondet – How Lucky featuring Arnold Jarvis – One Era ( of FSQ ) Remix (Rhythm and Culture Records)
3. Jolly Mare – Want You Bad (Featuring De La Montagne) (Bastard Jazz Records)
4. David Marston – Sometimes It’s Hard (Featuring Brigitte Zozula) (Soul Clap Records)
5. Navid Izadi – Hella Rigorous (Featuring Tanner Ross + Crew Love) (Crew Love Records)
6. Satin Jackets – For Days (Featuring KLP) (Eskimo Recordings)
7. Mongolian Jetset – A City So Convenient (Smalltown Supersound)
8. Art of Tones – Devil in the Details (House of Disco Records)
9. DJ Mighty Mi with Grand Puba – Shake With Me – Mason Remix (Toolroom Productions)
10. Nature Sun – To The Beat – Vanilla Ace Remix (House Grooves Records)
11. Rufus Del Sol – Say A Prayer for Me – Nick Monaco vs. Wolf + Lamb Remix (Wolf + Lamb / Foreign Family Collective)
12. Oud Dreams feat. the Spy From Cairo (Navid Izadi Keyed Dreams Remix) (Magnetic Moon Records)
13. No Regular Play – Back to You (Wolf + Lamb Records)
14. No Regular Play – Make You Holla (Wolf + Lamb Records)
15. Psychic Mirrors – Island Girl (Cosmic Chronic)
16. Jolly Mare – Hungry Angry (Bastard Jazz Records)
17. Justin Jay – Can’t Complain featuring Josh Taylor (Black Butter Records)
18. Prince Rama – Your Life in the End (Carpark Records)
19. 10.4 Rog – Sidewalking (Bastard Jazz Records)
20. Mayer Hawthorne – Lingere & Candlewax (Mayer Hawthorne)
21. Kendra Foster – Promise to Stay Here (EarKandy Music)