fsq selections vol.12 [winter 2018]

We rely on making our monthly mixes for ParadiseULTD so that we can mark in time all the new jams coming out and later go back and revisit the sonic flavors from a specific moment in time. When we slip and don’t get our FSQ mix in monthly, we find that we miss the chance to feature crates upon crates worth of new music.

Despite the respite, this December 2017 edition finds right back on point with volumes of current promo material just in from some of our most favorite and reliable record labels.

Nang’s output has been strong lately: in here are a few tracks from a new album by Sare Havlicek, and nudisco king Rayko.

The record labels you’ll find FSQ releasing with – Soul Clap and Midnight Riot – make up a big part of this mix with new entries from Nick Monaco, and selections from Riot’s recent several boogie funk compilations. Crew Love sister label Wolf + Lamb is back with a new artist, Emmett Kai, and new music from label stalwart David Marston.

Most exciting to us is a wave of French tinged disco at the head of this mix – from Yuksek, Baio, L’Imperatrice – we are playing tons of silky stuff like this right now.

Also in this set – don’t miss our FSQ extended dub remix for B Bravo, and a new jam from Franc Moody – who Spotify tells us – is FSQ’s most played artist of 2017 – other than ourselves ..

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Track List:

1) Sare Havlicek – Music & Lies – FSQ’s Della Reese Edit (Nang)
2) Wild & Free – Ferns and Stuff (Discotexas)
3) L’imperatrice – Sequences – Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco Remix (Microqlima)
4) Baio – Philosophy – Crazy P Remix (Glassnote Entertainment)
5) Bertrand Burgalat – Etranges Nuages – Yuksek Remix (Tricatel)
6) Mickey featuring Maelan – I’ll Be There For You – Freeform Five Extended Mix (Potion)
7) B. Bravo – Freak It – FSQ Caribbean Disco Extended Dub (Bastard Jazz Records / Discobelle.net Exclusive)
8) Emmett Kai – Juicy (Wolf + Lamb Records)
9) Franc Moody – Pheromones (Juicebox Recordings)
10) Judge Funk – Shingo (Midnight Riot Records)
11) Ziggy Phunk – One Way Street (Midnight Riot Records)
12) Psychemagik – Carnival De Trancosco (Midnight Riot Records)
13) Marcus Marr – High Times (DFA Records)
14) Amp Fiddler – Good Vibes (Mahogni)
15) Nick Monaco – Magic (Soul Clap Records)
16) Tom Misch – South of the River – Detroit Swindle Remix (Beyond The Groove)
17) Codie Curry – Magic City (Razor N Tape)
18) Rayko – No Stopping – Ron Basejam Remix (Nang)
19) Furor Exótica РRun Them РAlan Dente Remix (Bordello A Parigi)
20) Sare Havlicek – Everybody Freak Out – Korvids Remix (Nang)
21) XL Middleton – Never Have Too Many Freaks (MoFunk Records)
22) David Marston – Feel Your Soul (Wolf + Lamb Records)