Thanks to the record labels that have been sending monthly promos for our FSQ monthly selections mix for Paradise ULTD. For instance, in our inbox this February we found quality new jams from Monologue Records and Hot Shot Sounds. They are either coming via InFlyte or Fatdrop. In fact, we went back to our Fatdrop dashboard and found we left off some new scorchers from this February 2016 mix, but it tends to be the trend that at the start of each year a ton of new releases come out so we barely had time to sort through it all.
One of our new favorites here is from Multi Culti label out of Montreal. We had first learned about Multi Culti Records via a funky release from the artist Xanga (featured on FSQ Selections 002), and we recently discovered their latest release, a full length from Ccolo. Ccolo is Australian producer Christopher Colonna and his bouncey “Exoticaspeakerjam” was our choice cut from his album. There’s more Australia in the mix as we suppose Aussie funkster Inkswel signed us up for promo from the label Hot Shot Sounds. Hot Shot Sounds has a new release from APSD which is that new new funk at it’s best, so a couple of tracks from the APSD album here in the mix.
We aren’t sure if the Berlin based label Toytonics had ever crossed our radar before this FSQ Selections 006 mix. We can say we have heard their artist Coeo on a remix for Munk featuring Mona Lazette, out on another Berlin label, Gomma. Well Toytonics has fresh releases from Coeo and Mona Lazette this month and they set our Paradise ULTD session more towards a house mindset for the rest of the mix. On that tip, we’ve also got new compositions from Fouk, Ben Gomori, Isaac Tichauer that fit with that vibe.
We always support Bastard Jazz Records and in this mix we feature new releases from the funk led label that happen fall on both sides of the tracks, including a slow burner R&B love jam from Dead Horse Beats and a jukin’ romp from Pomo.
We must mention that our hosts Paradise ULTD have put out a new compilation called “Night Shades Vol 1”. An act on that compilation, Crown Ruff , offers up the deep and moody “Keep Up” which sits nicely in the mix.
1. FSQ Intro
2. Coeo – Native Riddim (Toytonics)
3. Vanilla Ace with Mario Cruz – Jet Setter (Club Sweat)
4. Mona Lazette – Pressure Pressure (Art of Tones Remix) (Toytonics)
5. Ccolo – Exoticaspeakerjam (Multi Culti)
6. Isaac Tichauer – Street Lessons (Loft Records)
7. Small Pyramids – Destiny (Ben Gomori’s In Control Remix) (Monologues Recordings)
8. Fouk – Gruff (Ron Basejam Remix) (House of Disco)
9. Fouk – Orchard (House of Disco)
10. NTEIBINT feat. Rush Midnight РBy Your Side (Eskimo Recordings)
11. APSD – Kruz Kontrol (featuring Azteka) (Hot Shot Sounds)
12. APSD – Came a Hot Friday (Hot Shot Sounds)
13. Pomo – Blue Soda Part 1 (Bastard Jazz Records)
14.¬†Axel Bartsch – Daight (Soul Clap’s O.G. Electro Mix)
15. Crown Ruff – Keep Up (Paradise ULTD)
16. Dead Horse Beats – Thinking of You (Bastard Jazz Records)