Volume 11 is probably one of our favourite mixes to date for Paradise ULTD. It’s super vibey because we’ve been playing these tunes for the past two months and getting it together on how they should fit just right.

When I’m going through all the promo music we get in our FSQ inbox, we tend to go right for our parent label, Soul Clap Records, and their sister label with Wolf + Lamb, Crew Love Records.
By March, we had an almost a full mix built off of all the promo Soul Clap sent us, primarily their excellent “Dubs” compilation featuring extended reworks of their recent self-titled album. We mixed parts of the Soul Clap Dubs compilation in a way we think their original album should be heard – long and groovy – it makes up a bulk of our Volume 11 mix. Nick Monaco also had a remix package on Crew Love Records recently so we threw some of his “Bathwater” in the mix, plus our own FSQ unreleased edit of his “Physical Therapy”.
Also out on Soul Clap Records, is their “305 Life” compilation, which rolls up Miami production talents and the music of their Florida-based friends into a full album. We just performed with Soul Clap there and a few other Miami artists on the compilation, like Gran Moxy, so we are happy to feature this release in the mix.
Midnight Riot Records is another label we have been rolling out new FSQ releases with, so we are also on their promo list, and boy do they send a lot of promos. Frankly, we can’t keep up with the UK’s label massive output of disco and funk, but we try. We love some of their artists who are on the real “up” lately, like Judge Funk, who makes the Midnight Riot’s compilation “Hustlers Convention” with their “You’ve Got Troubles”. Birdee is an artist on Midnight Riot’s sister label, ISM Recordings. Riot’s label boss Yam Who! turns is a piano drenched boogie sunshine remix of Birdee’s “Love” that can’t be missed in this mix.
Secret Life Music is another label FSQ just dropped a remix on. We put our Caribbean Disco remix touch on Balearic / chill out legends, Afterlife, for the Ibiza based label. The track works really well against another slow burner we just stumbled across – that’s French Kiwi Juice, FKJ for short, with the R&B vocal cut up tinged “Go Back Home”.
We really simmered on these tunes until we could actually get back home from this travel in late April to record the mix. There were some last minute additions we were able to squeeze in, like Ron Basejam’s turn with Delusions of Grandeur and a new Phil Gerus edit release on Public Release. Another favourite Balearic record label, Mallorca based Spa In Disco Records, turns in a super sunny EP with Bogota-based disco star Julian Sanza.
After all of these jams, we realised in Volume 11, we didn’t even include our other favourite labels (although we teased them in the mix): Razor N Tape and Bastard Jazz. Let’s just say we are sitting on a bunch more new music which will go into volume 12 for ParadiseULTD.


1. FSQ Mix Introduction
2. Mista Shifta – Cash Money (Midnight Riot Records)
3. Nick Monaco – Bathwater – Insightful Remix (Crew Love Records)
4. Nick Monaco – Physical Therapy – FSQ Drum Edit (Unreleased)
5. Soul Clap – Dirty Leslie featuring Wolf + Lamb – Soul Clap + Ahmed Hashim Dub (Crew Love Records)
6. Soul Clap – Timespent featuring Phil Celeste – Robosonic Dub (Crew Love Records)
7. Ron Basejam – We Walk To War – Tee Mango Remix (Delusions of Grandeur)
8. Judge Funk – You’ve Got Troubles (Midnight Riot Records)
9. Lafa Taylor + Aabo – Turn My Music Up – Flamingosis Remix (Mixto Music)
10. Soul Clap – Numb featuring Ebony Houston – Eli Escobar Dub (Crew Love Records)
11. FKJ – Go Back Home (Roche Musique)
12. Afterlife – How Does It Feel – FSQ Caribbean Disco Remix (Secret Life Music)
13. Gran Moxy – Porch Steps (Soul Clap Records)
14. Soul Clap – Stillwater Drive (Soul Clap Records)
15. Justin Martin – Midnight – Soul Clap Remix (Dirtybird Records)
16. Blutch – Blu Sky – Terrence Parker Remix (Barbecue Club)
17. Mndsgn – GOTEEM! (Stones Throw Records)
18. Franc Moody – Dopamine (Juicebox Recordings)
19. Luxxury – Feel The Night (Expensive Sounding Music)
20. Phil Gerus – Naha Swim (Public Release)
21. Birdee – Love – Yam Who! Remix (Ism Recordings)
22. Pat Lok – Crystal Ball featuring Claire Ridgley (Kitsune Musique)
23. Walter Jones – Harmonic Urgency (Whiskey Pickle)
24. Julian Sanza – Under The Radar – Original Mix (Spa in Disco Records)