FSQ (Funk Style Quality) new music mix monthly for ParadiseULTD starts 2016 off right.

First, we throw at you a bunch of new releases coming this year from our Soul Clap Records extended family: Check out a new collaboration recorded in Jamaica by local David Marston, and the Bay Area’s Nick Monaco. We also sneak a new FSQ edit of a jam from Nick Monaco’s forthcoming album Half Naked. We also know Soul Clap Records will be giving a big 2016 push to their Brooklyn live disco monster, Midnight Magic, so you’ll get a preview in this mix.

Two jams heard in earlier FSQ mixes for Paradise ULTD rear their head again a second time in new forms. Both Du Tonc’s “We Can Hold On” and Roisin Murphy’s “Unputdownable” get new remixes from Satin Jackets and Alex Nagshineh respectively.

Speaking of Murphy, we hadn’t heard from funkateer Maurice Fulton in quite sometime, maybe since his 2012 remix of Rhye’s “The Fall”. Well in the last FSQ mix for ParadiseULTD we dropped Fulton’s funky rework of Roisin Murphy’s “House of Glass” which featured an up front slaptastic bassline. Turns out, he put out a solo album in 2015, and in this month’s ParadiseUTLD we give you one of it’s funkiest cuts, “Birgit Boogie”. Why didn’t we know Fulton had an album out? Because it’s under his alias, “Boof”.

Rounding out this mix session are plenty more jams, including cuts from our favorite Australian funk lord, Inkswel who will have a new album out soon on BBE, and check out Spacek’s turn on vocals on one of the cuts.

By the way Seth Troxler’s label Soft Touch Records finally delivers another release as awesome as Clarian’s 2014 debut on the label – check out the new act AOU, up here in the mix.

And labels! Send us your promo .. we want to be in the loop on your new funky releases. We can’t do this mix without the support of these great independent record labels pushing forward this awesome music.

1. FSQ Intro – January 2016
2. Boof – Birgit Boogie (BubbleTease Communication)
3. David Marston & Nick Monaco – Cherry Juice (Crew Love Promo)
4. Nick Monaco – Physical Therapy (FSQ Caribbean Drum Edit) (Unreleased)
5. Midnight Magic – I Got A Feeling (demo version) (forthcoming 2016, Soul Clap Records)
6. Inkswel – Outerspace Connection feat. Spacek & Harvey Sutherland (forthcoming on BBE /OYE Records)
7. Roisin Murphy – Unputdownable (Alex Nagshineh Remix) (Play It Again Sam Records)
8. AOU – In The Shade (Christophe Bristol Nu Beat Remix) (Soft Touch Records)
9. Paradis – Garde Le Pour Toi – Thee Loving Hand Mix – Parts I+II (Barclay)
10. Du Tonc – We Can Hold On (Satin Jackets Remix) (Eskimo Recordings)