It’s getting impossible to keep with the volume of new music that is coming out. I mean you put a great track on your USB but then you go to play it and you forget entirely what it sounds like! The FSQ Selections mix series for ParadiseULTD are our own road maps to what we chose at the time. We can retroactively go back and hear all the great releases by looking to this mix series. We rely on these mixes as a record of what’s been released just as much as you do! For FSQ Selections Edition 15 we had so much new music to cram in, we touched the two hour mark again.

First as we’ve mentioned – we always select jams from record labels FSQ are associated with – Soul Clap Records, Crew Love Records and Midnight Riot Records. Soul Clap, Wolf and Lamb and Crew Love – all sister record labels – turn out so much new music it’s worth subscribing to their entire all time catalog for $9.99 a month at crewlove.us.

This month the Crew brings us a new wave styled dark vibe from UK’s Jack Priest, with his cut “Weekend Dance”. Mr. Priest sounds strangely American on the jam as he carries it vocally too. Meanwhile on the more soulful side, vocalist Manchildblack of New York’s Illustrious Blacks teams us with DJ Afro for a total funky romp called “If I Ever” – this one carries the Soul Clap imprint. Also on Soul Clap Records is Lonely C (Charles Levine) who is making waves with his solo debut record apart from Soul Clap. We chose the Mike Dunn Chicago flavored remix of Lonely C’s huge house cut with P-Funk / D’Angelo vocalist and writer, Kendra Foster. Meanwhile, Soul Clap have an orgasmic house banger called “Next” that actually is not on Soul Clap’s label but comes to us via Defected’s Classic Music Company. And Crew Love stalwart Nick Monaco turns in his first album on his own imprint with Emmett Kai, called Unisex Records. Monaco’s “Sex Scene” is the choice cut from the full length called “Heroin Disco”.

In this edition 15, we move you through the extended 2 hour mix by leveraging diverse musical themes – kicking it off first on an Afro-Latin tip. We open the mix with a new afro house remix from Louie Vega, an afro-beat burner by Addison Groove, before moving stateside with Brooklyn’s Mr Twin Sister, and then back to Europe with Xinobi, all the while leaning on Latin undertones as the single thread connecting these tracks.

The second movement of FSQ Selections 15 takes you through a cornucopia of disco edits. While honestly we are tiring of disco edits, there are a few artists out there that have perfected the art of bringing enough original production to old disco cuts that are a bit more left field than the rest. So these tracks all sound new to us. Kudos to Yam Who, Local Options, Nebraska and Folamour for keeping disco edits fresh. Folamour is getting a lot of love right now and makes two appearances in the mix.

We slow down the mix for Simon Seyz and Yuksek who deliver the best Blancmange cover ever, Phenomenal Handclap Band with Ray Mang, and Body Music with a brand new one on a new label called Head in the Clouds.

Again, these ParadiseULTD mixes are also showcases for our friend’s productions – and this month we have new offerings from these comrades: chanteuse Amy Douglas and keyboard / vocalist / producer Amp Fiddler.

t r a c k l i s t i n g

1. FSQ – Phillip Michael Thomas Intro to FSQ Selections 15
2. Da Capo, Tshepo King – Afrika – Louie Vega Remix Vox-Dub – (Vega Records)
3. Addison Groove – F1nk (Groove)
4. Mr Twin Sister – Deseo (Twin Group)
5. Xinobi – Agua Frescas (Discotexas)
6. Soundersons – Sopa De Tomate – Yam Who? Remix (Midnight Riot Records)
7. Folamour – Skin U’re In (Cracki Records)
8. Lay-Far – Sirius Rising (In-Beat-Ween Music)
9. Folamour – I Know It Has Been Done Before (Delicieuse Music)
10. Local Options – Let Me Freak (Nite Grooves)
11. Jack Priest – Weekend Dance – Original Mix (Crew Love Records)
12. Simon Seyz – Feel Me – Yuksek Extended Remix (Eskimo Recordings)
13. Body Music – Don’t Think Twice (Head in the Clouds)
14. L’imperatrice – Matahari – Red Axes Remix (Microqlima)
15. Get to Know – The Big Throwdown – Yam Who? Remix (Midnight Riot Records)
16. Soul Clap – Next (Classic Music Company)
17. Lonely C – Hold Up Ft. Kendra Foster – Mike Dunn BlackBall Vokal RemixX (Soul Clap Records)
18. The Phenomenal Handclap Band – Judge Not – Ray Mang Reprise (Toy Tonics)
19. Nebraska – Usin’ Me – DJ Nature Remix (Razor N Tape)
20. Roisin Murphy featuring Maurice Fulton – World’s Crazy (The Vinyl Factory)
21. Jack Tyson-Charles – Best Friend – Qwestlife Remix (Midnight Riot Records)
22. Mike Millrain – Autumn Leaves (Soul Revolution)
23. DJ Afro and Manchild Black – If I Ever (Soul Clap Records)
24. Danny Kaye featuring Jacki George – Do it Right – Yam Who? Remix (ISM Records)
25. Nick Monaco – Sex Scene (Unisex Records)
26. Amy Douglas – Never Saw It Coming (DFA Records)
27. Amp Fiddler and Will Sessions – Who I Am (Sessions Sounds)
28. Frank Moka – Nation Time – Liam Rockridge Remix (Soul Clap Records)
29. Coyote – Inside This (Music for Dreams)

f o l l o w