Sunday’s are usually the same. Waking earlier than usual, because for some unexplainable reason- drinking heavily and getting to bed at 5 am usually means you will be up by 8 am with no explanation.

You’ll spend the first 5 minutes in a frantic frenzy. Wondering if you did anything idiotic last night- you probably did. As you scramble to find the deflated water bottle by your bed and pop two advil, you grab your phone, and immediately check your bank account- realizing your Uber was a 10X Surge, and you bought the randoms you met in the bathroom shots. Texts were kept to a minimum- and you feel slightly relieved until you check your snapchat story- oops.

You opt for a ‘hair of the dog’ like solution and agree to meet your equally hungover & existentially lost friends for some bottomless mimosas and soggy eggs benedict. As you look in the mirror contemplating if it’s societally acceptable to go out in your outfit from last night, you search for the right soundtrack that you can identify with. 

If this is you, and you prefer your Sundays in a hazy stupor of dehydration & sleep deprivation, then this FKJ ( French Kiwi Juice) remix of Selah Sue’s ‘Alone’ is your every Sunday anthem. The unique voice of Selah Sue whispers words of understanding, as FKJ slides in, slowing it down into a smooth groove and making this track your hangover cure.