The trio from Chicago has been on a tear since they started a couple years ago and it doesn’t seem to be taking a halt anytime soon.  In my opinion Autograf is the type of artist that simply can’t put out a bad song, or even a mediocre song for that matter.  Every song they make is quality and every time they release a new one I think to myself “this is the best one yet.”  They have a spectacular natural progression and they have risen to the top just as fast as anyone else currently setting fires on dance floors and festival grounds worldwide.  They also play live, too.  

Autograph’s sound is very dynamic and their new E.P. proves just that.  From tropical house, deep house, to even hints of future bass and chill wave, no track on the E.P. sounds similar.  It was also created to be listened to as a whole, rather than just as individual songs.  

Horizon, the “deepest” track on the E.P. and my personal favorite is truly a work of art.  With Subtle build ups and dark synth stabs, the song takes you on a journey.  Maybe its just me but I envision swinging from trees Tarzan style through a rainforest.