Yeah- It’s Wednesday, referred by most millennials as Hump Day. The day that signifies you are half way to those 48 hours, that you spent the last 120 hours dreaming of. Clinging on to the that faint hint of optimism that you are closer to Friday than you are to Monday; gives you enough motivation to make it until 6.

As you spend the first few hours of your day crammed in your cubicle distracted by what you are going to get for lunch (even though you have a daunting list of tasks hanging over head)- hit play to this.

French Producer, Michael Calfan, known for his hit genre of ‘Soul House’ delivers this uplifting tune to make your Hump Day that much more bearable.

The lyrics paint a dismal picture (almost a perfect analogy for the beginning of your day) whilst cheery piano chords begin slowly contradicting this- giving you the faintest glimmer of hope; that maybe, just maybe your day won’t suck. A slow build leads to a steady beat and a gentle drop- that will leave you in high spirits.

Happy Hump Day.