Adam Santucci aka Air Zaïre best know for his breakout single ‘Sanibel’ ft. Patrick Baker from the heyday of tropical nu-disco has re-emerged onto the international scene with a fresh collection of new productions and edits. His latest remix of Frank Ocean’s second single ‘Ivy’ takes the original’s indie tinged guitars and prince-esque vocals on a tropical journey with proper lush synths, deep bass, playful marimba melodies and a driving re-drum earning it’s way into the coveted ‘must play’ crate for any pool party this year.

“it’s been a long time since Frank Ocean released a new record. When Blonde came out I couldn’t stop listening to one track in particular, “Ivy”. Straightforward, yet stunning. “I thought that I was dreaming when you said you loved me…” gets me every time. The stripped down muddy guitar, Ocean’s poetic display of emotion. I suppose the feeling beyond that is what coaxed me into translating Ivy into a proper dance remix.”
– air zaïre