When I first heard Overjoy’s ‘Chase the Devil’ it immediately sparked nostalgia and brought me back to my high school days of playing reggae music with my friends in a garage, something that no other electronic song has done for me personally.  I automatically started following the trio from LA and couldn’t wait to hear what they had in store next.

Not long after, they released ‘Like A Wave’ with one of the deepest baselines imaginable only to be complimented by Lex Famous on the vocals.  This song is truly special as it evokes emotion and is appropriate for really any fathomable situation.
Their newest two track E.P. which was released on Austrailia’s famed Sweat it Out Music, more specifically, ‘Love for Breakfast is no different in that sense.  Encompassing that sweet deep bass that can be heard in ‘Like A Wave’ along with Lex’s crisp, heavenly, and comforting vocals.  This is a song I honestly cannot get enough of;  playing it on the daily and showing all my friends along with it including it in my most recent mix.  If this trio hasn’t already caught your attention its only a matter of time before they do as there is no doubt in my mind they will be making waves and turning heads in 2016 for all kinds of music lovers.