It’s been a while since a disco house infusion hit me with the desire to get down and boogie but Justin Jay’s latest remix of Billy Kenny’s ‘Work Me’ has sent me into a frenzy of online shopping for sequins to wear out this Saturday night.

Throwing together a playful bluesy guitar riff with that iconic bass guitar sound Justin Jay has created something that you’d expect to hear on a Chic record circa 1976. The high tempo and the percussion keep the pace in a swanky bounce, that you just can’t help but move yourself to.

Unashamedly disco, the vocals sharpen the sound bringing that ferocity that is mentioned into an empowering anthem that just screams diva moment.

A throwback to the days of afro’s, fat gold hoops and so much glam, Work Me is a lush addition to your getting ready for a night out playlist so head over to here to download it and smize away.