Local Los Angeles newbie, French Press Records have been putting out some really fresh tracks as of late. Their latest release, Snake Charmer ft Hollywood Junki ( See Below ), Caught our eye  – so we decided to sit down with the young imprint and see what they’ve got planned.

What’s the story behind the creation of French Press as a label? 

To really sum things up, after a lot of studio hours and many bad cups of coffee, we realized we needed to really create something for like minded friends & family who create electronic music. After investing in a French Press , and realizing the Keurig was all hype- French Press Records was born. Since then we have been striving to create a platform that producers can call home.

Listening to some of your more recent releases Higher, in particular- I can hear some 70’s disco vocals and sounds but then that deep bass kicks in which gives it that new age dance vibe. What are some inspirations behind releasing the track?

We had the pleasure of meeting Bon Volta a couple years ago and have been a fan since first hearing his sounds!  Bon had been a friend first and was aware of the label since it’s inception. He eventually sent us Higher ( See Below)  and we were hooked from the moment we heard it

What are some of your favorite past projects French Press has released?

Our debut release Rosie ( See Below) which came courtesy of Allen French was a pivotal release for us. Rosie is a special track and marks the very beginning of who we are as a label and was basically our introduction to the world…

What does French Press look for when deciding to release with or sign an artist to the label? 

Music when created altruistically is highly individualistic. So when we come across something we like- it is really important for us to get to know the individual behind it, to get a firm grasp on the overall concept. It really just needs to feel right. We love feeling good and enjoy music that makes us feel that same type of way. 

 Let’s go a little High Fidelity, can you name a few of your top tracks of all time.

  1. Somewhere over the Rainbow – Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole 
  2. Herbie Hancock – Rock it
  3. Candi Staton – You Got the Love

 If you could choose one word to describe French Press’ overall sound what would it be? 


French Press is a very new label created just last year. What can we expect from you guys in the future? 

Plenty of more music – and we’re looking forward to taking over various nights and stages for some French Press showcases in the near future! 

Interview by : Nicole Frederick