Surfdisco shares tasty 2.5 hour mixtape to celebrate Australian residency

Italian DJ / producer Jacopo Lancioni, better known to Aussie house heads as Surfdisco, first arrived Down Under in 2014 for his debut Australian tour. Taking up the opportunity to catch a few waves between gigs, the blonde surfer quickly realized he would not be ready to head back to his mother country anytime soon, and eventually found his home-away-from-Rome on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Receiving good news from the Australian Department of Immigration just last week, he naturally jumped in the water to catch a celebratory wave, but alas a swell-less weekend drove him into his studio to cook up a delicious new club-ready playlist.

Announced last Tuesday as part of Your Paradise’s Fiji 2016 lineup, alongside names like Justin Martin, Shiba San and fellow salty surf seekers Cut Snake, Surfdisco has now come forth to debut a jaw-droppingly lengthy mixtape, which boasts a 150 minute run time. Get your Shazam apps open now as no tracklist has been provided, however listeners may recognize his recent remix of Nicole Millar’s red-hot solo single ‘Tremble’, as well as a distinctly quirky original track around the 1:43:00 mark.

If you’ve not yet familiarised yourself with the name, drop into his Spaghetti Techno mixtape and enjoy the ride. Surfdisco is here to stay.