Jerry_Bouthier 2 (pic by Nik Hartley)

PARADISE ULTD. is proud to present a beautiful new blend of psychedelic nu disco and deep house from KITSUNÉ resident and CONTINENTAL RECORDS boss Jerry Bouthier. His treasured  ‘Heart & Soul” mixtape series draws inspiration from his work in the fashion world merging forward thinking runway rhythms with emotional heart melting melodies in a masterful story telling arrangement creating the perfect soundtrack for your holiday weekend relaxation.

Volume number 9 pushes the concept further and here is a poetic introduction from the maestro himself:

“Here’s the 9th instalment of my quarterly mixtape series Heart & Soul joining the dots between dancefloor and catwalk.

Carefully crafted – I dedicate as much care and time to them as to those I’ve released on Kitsuné, my imprint Continental or Emerald & Doreen – the Heart & Soul mixes aren’t about the latest promos. I don’t even pay that much attention to who the artists are to be honest, the tracks’ melodic/emotional contents guide me blindly.

For three months I put on the side the strongest tracks I come across, new and old too sometimes, then try to develop a story out of these varied components. I let the music speak for itself and entice sensual sensations to lose yourself in, fall in love to and groove to late at night as Heart & Soul is still about dancing – albeit not in the usual Saturday night peaktime mode – perfect for home parties with loved one(s) but also for sport and work even.

So get trippy, in the mood for love… without missing a beat.”

Heart & Soul #9

Mix, production and edits – Jerry Bouthier

Reflex – Wavering (Middle Remix)

Little Freaky Things – Gypsy Woman

EYEC4M – Omorphea (Dub)

Moston & Malente – Enjoy The Violins (Paflos Placid Nostalgia Remix)

Mikhail Kobzar & Bungalowa – Trip or Trip (Sozonov Remix)

Parasite Single – The Hunt (Mollono Bass Remix)

Madeira – Let Me Down

Saskin S – Prompa DelaLife (Pelifics Costa Smeralda Remix)

Morenas – Hazme Sonar (Enzo Elia Balearic Gabba Edit)

Eduardo De La Calle – E*E* (Deva Remake)

Zsou – Admiral Byrd (Dreems & Peret Mako Remix)

Pedestrian – JNT (ft Maribou State)

Noctiluca – Volver

Miguel – Waves (Tame Impala Remix)

Ribongia – Downstream

Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band – Dog Was A Doughnut

Loredana Berte – Number One