Nothing says cruising down the coast highway on a sweltering summer day with the sun setting in you peripherals quite like Jamie Prado’s take on ‘Summertime.‘  The vocals immediately spark nostalgia of most everyones favorite 90’s rock-reggae band Sublime, but were actually taken from the original track by Ella Fitzgerald in his rendition.  

Rest assured, Jamie’s new one ‘African Sun’ achieves that same seasonal feeling we all desire.  An emotionally evoking build up with the all the right instrumental elements balanced impeccably; from a smooth guitar riff, to the appropriate usage of kumbaye or “come by here” heard throughout. 

From the California coast to the dry desert of Africa, this fresh producer  most definitely has you covered.  2015 was a big year for Jamie, lookout for him in 2016 as its sure to be another great year.