Gryffin has been on top of the remix game since his first remix in early 2014.  Remixing pop tracks of all sorts and adding his signature indie dance and “cloud house” flavor to them making them even more irresistible than before.   My favorite remix of his thus far without a doubt has to be Tove Lo’s ‘Talking Body’ with his ‘Daydreamer’ remix not far behind.  To be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of the original ‘Talking Body,’ but every time I hear his rendition I cant help but sing aloud as it really does make me feel some type of way.  Maybe it’s the heavenly melody he incorporates; whatever it is, I am hooked.    

His debut single comes almost two years after his first remix graced the Soundcloud community, and you can bet it was long awaited and highly anticipated.  Featuring the soulful Josef Salvat on the vocals, the track starts off with some powerful piano and has a massive build up like most of his tracks do.  It just feels so good when it drops, as his signature melodic harmony comes into play accompanied by Josef’s strong vocals.  

Catch him turning heads and creating believers at the main stage (Ocean View) at Crssd Fest during the first weekend of March in San Diego ( 5th & 6th).  I know I’ll be there.