Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, producer duo YesYou have shared their brooding new tune “Through Your Eyes”, a melancholy dance number that hit us right in the feels.

This dark, slightly haunted disco track kicks off with the hushed low tone of voice of Sydney’s La Mar serenading a train of thought that’s almost whispering reassurances. The perfectly timed, almost galactic sounding synth flips into the very moment that the protagonist of this track turns away.

It’s as if the first 45 seconds of this track have fooled you into thinking this is a haunting angst ridden ballad, where the empowerment comes in the form of that sassy galactic synth. From here on in, the beat will have one losing their self in the protagonist’s  plight, imagining moving on both mentally and physically with every beat.

Think navy trench coats, rain (thanks to the pan flicks resembling raindrops on cement), and sepia tones all over the video for this one.