wild & free ~ ‘shapes on shapes’.

It’s always a beautiful occasional when one of your favorite artists release an album on your favorite record label.. like the universe has aligned perfectly to deliver theme songs to get through this thing called life. We’re feeling thankful as ever that up-and-coming disco legends wild & free have caught the ear of DISCOTEXAS label boss moullinex delivering the vibes on their first full length, ‘shapes & shapes’ which began teasing singles last year. The album is the culmination of years of collaboration between Drew Kramer and George Cochrane, two highly regarded producers in their own right and the sunny summer vibes of Los Angeles.

Equally at home in the DJ booth and in the studio, the dynamic duo have been secretly working on their the live adaptation of the project coming soon to a city near you. If you’re in Los Angeles be sure to catch them behind the decks alongside Moullinex, Da Chick + LA heavyweights Overjoy performing at UNION NIGHTCLUB February 8th.

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