Continental records has been on the rise over the past few years releasing tropical tinged indie dance releases from around the world under the guide of Kitsune’s legendary resident DJ and collaborator, Jerry Bouthier of JBAG. Their latest offering from Mexico City’s BLUEHOST holds firm to the tradition with a latin new wave twist and today we have the pleasure of introducing an exclusive cut from the remix EP from Frenchie PALLACE. Best known for his latest collaboration with ZIMMER, Pallace has been on the rise behind the scenes and now in the limelight with a driving house rework best for late nights on Parisian dance floors. In addition to a tempo push, the young producer brings a fiery SM101 bass line that creates a wonderful bouncing energy accompanied by Hammond organ stabs that add a floating emotional feel on the dance floor that anchors the vocal samples playfully throughout. Be sure to snag a FREE DL from the crew and check out BLUEHOST’s ‘We Need You’ EP out now via Continental featuring a dub version and additional remix from Sweden’s COPYCAT available internationally HERE.