Few Australian Nu-Disco artists have had such a legendary career as Modular’s BAG RAIDERS. With a career of releases spanning nearly a decade and genre-defining hit singles in the indie club world, it’s easy to see how the duo have managed to cultivate a worldwide legion of fans. However, what was not foreseen is the resurgence of one of their earliest singles ‘Shooting Stars’ which has become the focus of an international meme sensation catapulting the relatively underground group to cult status winning them top rankings in worldwide charts.
On the back of this massive success, they embark on the ‘Shooting Stars’ North American Tour promising to play their biggest and earliest hits to a mixed audience of devout followers and fresh faces eager to see them perform for the first time. Catch them at The Fonda Theatre this Wednesday, June 7Th and be sure to follow PARADISE ULTD. on our INSTAGRAM + TWITTER accounts to enter for a chance to win free tickets for you and your crew!