If you’ve been down nostalgia lane lately and the RnB from the 90’s & early naughties has left a lust for more sweet rhythms and honeyed female voices then have we got something for you.

Meet Maribelle, a sassy vocalist from Melbourne, Australia. With a voice that hybrids Destiny’s Child and Ciara, you can expect to hear that smooth caramel voice of hers featuring on modern day RnB & Soul tracks to come.

Working with LA producers Penthouse Penthouse, About You is a modern yet classic RnB sound that is emulsified into liquid gold with whiskered synths, hovered bass and perfectly mixed percussion.

Hints of trap, glitches and snared production are mixed with her gorgeous voice to bring you back to those early days when Ciara, Missy Elliot, Ashanti & Destiny’s Child ruled the airwaves.

Keep slaying, Maribelle.


Penthouse Penthouse: SOUNDCLOUD | TWITTER