If there’s one thing we like at Paradise ULTD. it’s upbeat nu-disco jams and things that align with what we represent, tropical feels, that summer vibe. Future Classic entity Panama, embody that, so when we caught wind of a remix of “I Watched You Slip” by Wild & Free, we jumped at the chance to check it out.

A bit more up-beat, up-tempo and up-lifting. It’s a tune that plays true homage to the original before altering it a little to put it in a league of its own and create something we can really get behind! Released through Future Classic, it’s one of those songs that makes complete sense to be beside Touch Sensitive and the likes as a track that will definitely be getting a rinse.

“We are super stoked to link with Future Classic and remix one of our favorite artists Panama. His music has been a staple in our dj sets and our headphones so we had to throw down and make something super funky. We are psyched to be included among a group of talented producers like Tuff City Kids (Gerd Janson and Lauer), Isaac Tichauer and Classixx. This is only the beginning of a big heap of releases leading up to our first album on a label we’ll announce soon. Until then, we hope you enjoy our remix of I Watched You Slip.” – WILD & FREE


F  O   L   L   O   W       W  I  L  D   &   F  R   E   E