Lisbon-born Luis Clara Gomez better known as MOULLINEX has been at the forefront of the international DIY nu-disco scene contributing remix work around the world and building a cult following via his label with friends DISCOTEXAS RECORDS. His latest offerings take his signature psychedelic Brazilian disco and house sound to another level balancing playful production elements and a heavier club-ready feel as showcased in his latest releases ‘Open House’ and ‘Love, Love, Love.’  The latter is a true standout anthem addressing social questions about gender identity, love and dance.. through dance.

“If dancing happens within several social constraints, are we able to make it more instinctive and true to one’s feelings by forcing it? Can we defy a certain self-awareness factor by doing so? More than thirty people responded to a casting call for a music video, but were not told the recording of this process would actually be in the video itself. When asked questions about gender, religion, their feelings, and dance, they answered by dancing. Unlike Rineke Dijkstra’s “Buzz Club” (1996) where dancers were “removed” from their context, we decided to immerse them in a very sterile, artificial and even awkward setting in order to capture occasional and involuntary spontaneity.”


We reached out the legend himself and flipped the questions back on him to learn a little more about the song and his creative ideals.. here is MOULLINEX on ‘Love, Love, Love’…

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“Dance is both genders, and everything in between. Sometimes it can feel feminine, others masculine. We have all these restraints in society regarding being very protective about our personal space, and yet dance is able to crush them.”


“I dance alone often, in the studio, when I’m happy about a new song I’m working on. But I prefer to dance with others – I’m not a good dancer, but I love dancing, that’s why I became a DJ in the first place.”


“It’s communication – some people you can “lock grooves” with immediately, others take some time. There is sexuality, dialogue and awkwardness involved. I believe when dancing we are more connected to our feelings than when talking.”


“Happy! It did from the moment I started working on it. I worked a lot on details, the intro, vocal layers, and throughout the whole process I was still able to feel that happiness from the first hours writing it.”

Any special messages to the world about upcoming projects/releases/magical tidbits?
“I’ll have a new single out on July 7th, and am preparing my new album for Fall! Can’t wait to get all this music out.”

The PARADISE ULTD. team would like to extend a huge thank you to Luis for sharing with us and for contributing so much to the indie dance and nu disco world over the years! Be sure to dig deep into Moullinex’s back catalogue on your next beach day and listen along with someone that you love.

F O L L O W    M O U L L I N E X