At the stroke of midnight in Sydney for the past 3 years, there has been a secret rooftop pool party featuring the finest nu-disco music, frothy tiki beverages, and high fashion swimwear shows featuring the city’s elite fashionistas… at least that’s what I came to believe before visiting myself. Although I was initially let down that such a paradise was not alive in physical form, it’s reassuring to know that I can be teleported there with the turn of the dial to MIDNIGHT POOL PARTY‘s latest single ‘Stand A Chance’.. an infectious slice of future-disco worthy of heavy summer rotation.

“We really experimented with this one, and it is the first single we 100% wrote, produced and mixed ourselves. We wanted to really push ourselves in the way we constructed the whole song, from the way we approached the melody, to the lyrical content, to the beat and instruments we used. The song is more flirtatious and playful in its content. Unlike the previous tracks on our last ep which all had a certain undertone of sadness and uncertainty in a relationship. This new track is about starting fresh, feeling confident and taking chances, and it also sets the tone for the whole ep. It’s going to be full of love and happiness, and just overall fun times.”MPP

Grab a copy HERE and stay tuned for the full length coming soon

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