Summer 2017 has been a busy time for Californian producer JEFFREY PARADISE. As half of daytime disco duo POOLSIDE with Filip Nikolic they surprised fans with their second LP HEAT in late June, followed by a remix of MIAMI HORROR’s latest single ‘Leila’ just days later.

The new music just keeps on coming, with Jeffrey’s laidback new single ‘DREAM WITH YOU’ out now via MORE DANCEABLE RECORDS. The track features live instrumentation influenced by Caribbean and African rhythms whilst still capturing the summery vibe fans have come to know and love, with a unique vocal courtesy of West African singer MANDJOU KONÉ. An upbeat DJ-friendly remix accompanies the original, courtesy of Afro-Latin disco producer BOSQ.

Jeffrey Paradise on how he came to work with Burkina Faso native Mandjou Koné:

I met Mandjou after attending an event at Ashkenaz performing arts center in Berkeley where she was performing with famous kora player Karamo Susso. I was wowed by the character and spirit in her voice and had to meet her and hopefully get her to record on the tracks I had been working on. Luckily she was up for it and we recorded vocals in a friend’s studio in Vallejo, California one afternoon and the rest is history.

I’m truly honored to have worked with lots of talented friends I admire and respect. I started fleshing out the demos with Lewis Pesacov’s at his studio in Echo Park. Lewis was in one of my favorite bands Fools Gold and we’ve collaborated on several projects over the last 10 years. (He briefly played in Paradise Boys AND was giving me guitar lessons to get me ready for Poolside touring, and Poolside remixed Fools Gold.)

We called long time friend Mattie Safer to play the bass parts. He’s one of my all time favorite bass players responsible for the infectious House of Jealous Lovers and all the other jams by The Rapture. While he was there he sat down and the Rhodes and we wound up putting some of his piano playing on ‘Cruise Control’ too.

Casey Butler from Pharaohs (and a million other music projects) played the sax parts. We’ve been friends since high school and I was even lucky enough to play trumpet on stage with his band at several shows in San Diego way back then.

After recording and doing some comping with Lewis I brought the tracks to finish with my pal Jonah Sharp who’s produced everything from classic ambient techno as Spacetime Continuum to grammy winning world music albums with Mickey Hart. We produced, mixed, recorded Mandjou’s vocals and laid down synths parts from his incredible collection to finalize the songs and then sent it off to Joe Lambert for Mastering.


F O L L O W   J E F F R E Y   P A R A D I S E