DISKO has been the backbone of house music, techno and all influenced genres thereafter.. the undisputed QUEEN of the dance floor that has been re-imagined continuously since its birth in the 1970’s. Wednesday April 13th PARADISE ULTD. is proud to present a new party series devoted to the demon dance at GENERAL LEE’s in Chinatown, Los Angeles… SPECIAL DISKO MIX is here to explore the deepest realms of the disco world.. we’re talking EXTENDED CLUB CUTS – MAXXI SINGLES – SPECIAL DISCO MIXES + MIDNIGHT DUB VERSIONS.. from the roots in the NYC club scene chasing the disco sound as it took over the world from Africa to Brazil .. India to Japan.

Ft. Dance Specialists


(Barcelona / SG1 Radio / Los Chicos Altos)

T-Bird calls Sitges home, but is originally from Santa Monica, California. He has been a DJ/Producer for more than 25 years and spins all over the USA, UK and Europe. He has 2 radio shows, Something Else! (more than 10 years old) and Vibe Select (with host RD.) His group, Los Chicos Altos, has made tracks (originals and remixes) for well-known labels: Wonderwheel & Fort Knox (USA,) Katakana (DE,) Warner (ES,) UrbanWorld (DK) and more. T-Bird says “I play electronic, global, black music and even some rockā€”but have my own sound: quality music to enjoy.”


(Soulclap Records / Crew Love)


w/ a special TIKI COCKTAIL MENU curated by the GENERAL LEE’S mixologist.. drinks specials, visuals and more treats to delight to senses and transform the venue into a proper party grotto.