We got to catch up with the legends Yolanda Be Cool, and talk about the inspiration behind their summer infused video with DCUP, ‘From Me to You.’
From a Paul McCartney approved sample to Surfing Cloudbreak and an insane Sweat It Out! stacked island party…… needless to say, Paradise Ultd needs to check out Paradise for ourselves this year.
Check it out Below:

By now everyone knows when Yolanda Be Cool and DCUP collaborate on a track the result is pure magic. Which one of you came to the studio with the Beatles’ sample for this one?

Hahah- thanks 🙂 That was me ( Matt ) in this case. We did it and to be honest, we didn’t really think we could clear a Beatle’s sample so when we got the email back saying it was McCartney approved, we were super pumped.

After watching this video we are so ready for a Summer vacation. What is it about ‘From Me To You’ that inspired this tropical getaway?

Well, If you listen to the song, it basically encapsulates that island feeling. The Setting of the video, which is Your Paradise Festival in Fiji, felt perfect to cut a video to.

Tell us about this Fijian island party you’re DJing at in the video. It looks like pure paradise.

Yeah. It’s pretty perfect. It’s a 4 day boutique festival, so its’s not over run with guys with their tops off. It’s on an island in Fiji which is a 30 minute boat ride form Cloudbreak ( one of the best waves in the world). The water is crystal clear, really warm and the line up was full of people we are buddies with but also, that we love to party with. So Perfection at it’s finest really, surf all day- party all night.

We see quite a few artist cameos in this video… Cut Snake, What So Not, Danny T… Was the Sweat It Out crew in full effect?

Yep. Not to mention other Sweat peeps; Motez, Benson, Terace, then if you include people who have done remixes on Sweat, Almost the whole festival, AC Slater, Generik, Jam Express, Nora En Pure, Touch Sensitive ( I could go on.) That;s not even mentioning new buds; Justin Martin, Soul Clap, Klingande, Carmada, Amtrac- It was fun.

What are your favorite memories of Fiji? Looks like there are a lot of fun activities to partake in.

My fav thing in the world to do is surf so to  get to surf Cloudbreak all day and then DJ while fireworks are going off at Night- Is a Pretty Good Day.