Get ready for a musical journey that intertwines nostalgic vibes, lyrical odes, and a touch of rave culture as Boys’ Shorts, the Greek DJ/production duo based in London, presents their highly anticipated EP, “Crop Tops.” Released on Cormac’s Polari imprint, this EP showcases the duo’s immense talent and their ability to create a clever and expansive musical world. With tracks that range from heartfelt emotions to irresistible pop sensibility, Boys’ Shorts deliver an EP that has already become a much-requested hit on dancefloors worldwide.

Queer Dancefloor Longing and Rave Culture Roots

The title track, “Crop Tops,” serves as a lyrical homage to the longing and desire that fills queer dancefloors. Its infectious energy and captivating lyrics have already made it a crowd favorite. Complementing this anthem are “Days Without You” and “Nostalgia,” two tracks that exude a laidback emotional warmth, resonating with listeners on a profound level. Drawing on their roots in rave culture, Boys’ Shorts round out the EP with “In The City,” a track that takes listeners on a journey through pulsating beats and undeniable nostalgia.

Cormac, the curator of this EP, expresses his admiration for Boys’ Shorts’ talent, noting their use of lyrics and their ability to pay homage to rave and 90s music culture. He is thrilled to showcase the duo’s pop sensibility at its finest with the “Crop Tops” EP, as the tracks have become highly sought after, with numerous requests flooding in during his sets over the past year.

Mark your calendars for the digital release of Boys’ Shorts’ “Crop Tops” EP on the 17th of February. Prepare to immerse yourself in their captivating musical world, where longing, nostalgia, and pop sensibility blend seamlessly to create an unforgettable listening experience.


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