As summer slowly melts into the horizon and summertime love fades, it’s refreshing to know that Brooklyn natives ARGONAUT & WASP have your tape deck sorted for the afterglow. Their latest single ‘Heart Breaks In Bloom’ is an indie tinged pop jam that blends smooth guitar riffs and retro synth textures into a gem worthy of top down trips along the coast – full volume.

It was the beginning of summer last year and I had quit my desk job / broke up with my girlfriend shortly before a show at The Middle East in Boston. After the gig, we crashed at a friends apartment across the street. I was having a hard time falling asleep and found a Uke laying around, so I noodled on it until I passed out. The next morning I found Heart Breaks In Bloom as a voice memo on my cell.    -Trey

F O L L O W    A R G O N A U T   &   W A S P