These days, genres are a rather arbitrary identification. With such easy access and the world wide web, music has become an ADD-ridden art form that is most likely going to fit into various categories than just one argued slot. I personally like to think of everything in terms of “style”. Sometimes you can’t pinpoint style with words, but when you know it’s good, it’s good (same goes for sports and dance and any other human expression). I think of “style” as a more important characteristic than “genre” (or maybe style as a subset of genre). Either way, argonaut&wasp’s ,’The Sneeze’ throws a big fat middle finger to the idea of genres and takes your ears on a journey that are likely to give their full, undivided attention.

“The Sneeze” has excellent melody changes, incorporates eclectic indie elements, and entices you to get up and fucking dance. How does one go from a wonky, distorted sound into a perfect funky, bubbly bassline without completely changing the song? I don’t know, but argonaut&wasp does.